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In September of 2015, Zach grabbed a guitar and stepped up to the mic, joining new talents Enrique on piano, Joseph, a feisty import on drums, and Ruben - our first violinist - along with Kyizom, David, and Prince to form The Jaywalkers. (You can call them “Luke Jaywalker” - it drives them crazy!) With the largest member count in ESBP history, the Jaywalkers achieve big sound by playing and singing together as one enormous rhythm section.
Zach – Guitar and vocals
Enrique – Piano and vocals
Ruben – Violin and vocals
Prince – Percussion and vocals
David – Guitar
Kyizom – Bass
Joseph – Drums
Blitzkrieg Bop
Blitzkrieg Bop
I Fought the Law
Never Surrender
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The Band Project at East Side. Resident at East Side Community High School.