The Four Voices

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Formed in utmost secrecy at the close of 2014, the Four Voices debuted to astonished applause at the East Side Holiday Party of the same year. In the tradition of old a cappella quartets, the Four Voices add layers of harmony to a repertoire of new standards. By the time they made their first recording after school in Room 517, all the pieces were in place: Emily's pure soprano covered the high end; Nafisa and Jennora provided harmony and counterpoint in the alto range; Ivana's contralto added low-range pedals. With managerial duties handled by the cunningly businesslike Maya, The Four Voices work tirelessly on their catalog and are always ready to perform at the drop of a hat.
Ivana – vocals
Jennora – vocals
Emily – vocals
Nafisa – vocals
Maya – manager / choreographer / wardrobe
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The Four Voices at Holiday Party
Four Voices - Photo #1

The Band Project at East Side. Resident at East Side Community High School.