Fish Don't Drown

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Carrying on the tradition of the Meat Inspectors, Sarah and Ilana were joined by Jiani, the program's most accomplished classical musician, on keys and vocals in September of 2014. (She once complained that practice was getting boring and the band director suggested Chopin. "I have two books of Chopin memorized," she told him.) Quinn the Eskimo joined on vocals, contributing instant levity and stage presence, along with Leo, a ukelele transplant, and Fish Don't Drown were born.
Sarah – vocals
Leo – guitar
Ilana – drums
Jiani – keys, vocals
Quinn – guitar, vocals
Melissa – guitar
Denise – vocals
Don't You Forget About Me
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Somewhere Only We Know
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The Band Project at East Side. Resident at East Side Community High School.